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Fringe benefits – part 11 – go outside in the evening September 13, 2016

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“When night falls, keep your children indoors, for the devils are out and about at this time. When an hour of the sun-settingnight goes by, you can let them go.” [Sahîh al-Bukhârî: (3280, 5623) and Sahîh Muslim (2012)]


“Do not send out your cattle or your children when the sun sets until the blackness of the night descends, for indeed the Satans are sent forth when the Sun sets until the blackness of the night descends.”

This benefit crossed my mind the other night when I told one of my children to go outside and sweep the sidewalk. It was evening time and the sun was setting so according to Islam it would be approaching the Magrhib prayer time. She hesitated and I asked her why and she replied she didn’t like going out at night. Granted it wasn’t fully dark but she did ask one of her siblings to go outside while she completed the task. (more…)


Fringe Benefits – part 10 – play board games with dice and play chess September 12, 2016

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diceI was in the store and saw some dice for sale while I was shopping for something else. It made me think of the Islamic ruling against playing games with dice and against playing chess so I decided to add it here. I briefly tried to locate the official ruling but as with all stupid Islamic laws it wasn’t easy to find.


It is known that chess is forbidden in Islam. Yes, people will pop up and say that they know so-and-so Muslim who plays chess. As one Muslim speaker once said, “You can’t judge Islam by the Muslim.” Just because someone sees a Muslim doing something doesn’t mean that it is permissible in Islam.


Those precious dice became a no-no in our house  and we had to say goodbye to board games. I think I wanted to get a game of Monopoly or something for the kids and the ex flipped out(as usual) and said that it was haraam. I imagine some of the newer “sheikhs” have come out with squeaky clean interpretations of hadith and new fatwa that allow certain types of dice that can be used. The nature of Islam is pure deception for that is how it spreads. It wouldn’t be much for scholars to re-interpret the words of Muhammad for the sake of making Islam palatable to the kafireen(disbelievers) until they have been subdued.


So, at any rate, I am free to use dice for board games with the family or gambling if I want. I wouldn’t be surprised if Muhammad was doing a little gambling of his own and got beat out of his money. So then he got mad and all of sudden, presto, Allah sends down an all too convenient inspiration to Muhammad to ban the use of dice.


What a wretched religion.


My Kim Davis moment, allah the failed astronomer, and other thoughts August 24, 2016

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There has been some news lately that covers a burkini ban somewhere in Europe and new battle brewing over the Muslim swimwear line. I read a few headlines in passing and it made me decide to log-in to see if there was an uptick in stats due to people searching for burkini. Sure enough there has been a little bump. Not much though because this blog doesn’t get many views anyway which is fine because I’m not in it for blogging dollars. At any rate, I decided to dust the old blog off a little bit and type out a few thoughts that have been on my mind lately but I didn’t write about.


I was walking home one night and while gazing at the sky it made me think about Muslims and their claim that Muhammad foretold of a barrier between the waters in the sea. I can’t find my Quran and am too lazy to Google the verse but many Muslims are at least faintly familiar with claims that Muhammad revealed a difference between fresh water and sea water. His claim was that there was some sort of barrier between the waters that makes them different. I believe they call this “Miracles of the Quran” and Muslim talib-ul-ilm have given lectures based on these so-called miracles.



Oblivious randomness July 4, 2016

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I had the most random thought today. I was about to run some errands and the thought popped into my head about how much easier life is without having to plan a day around prayers. I probably wrote about this before in a past post but I guess with Ramadan wrapping up and my kids visiting their Muslim father during this time might have made it cross my mind. Dear Lord having to plan around prayers was such huge pain in the ass especially when the days were short and the prayers were to top on each other. Coupled with trying to drag small babies into one store and out the other or a doctor’s office or a friend’s house was stressful enough. Then on top of that you have find somewhere to stop and make wudhu then pray. What a hassle that shit was and I am so glad it is no longer concern of mine.


Fringe benefits – Part 9 – Exercise and wear a regular swimsuit May 14, 2015

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chris crackI was searching through my drawer for something and I came across an old Muslim outfit that I forgot about. Several years ago I went to the YMCA and signed up for membership for my kids and me when I was a Muslim. After getting accepted, we went to the Y several times a week and I used pretty much everything in the facility even though I wore a jilbab and hijab. I had ditched the niqab by this time because it became too much of a nuisance especially since I was newly single. Eventually I went and bought a x-large mens long sleeved shirt and baggy pants so I could have better workout wear without breaking the religious commandments of covering my awrah. This allowed my to spend plenty of time on the weight machines, free weight area, stationary cardio machines, indoor track, and the video game room. I was able to use everything EXCEPT the pool. This Y had a huge heated indoor lap pool, a jacuzzi, and a sauna. Every time we went I would feel the cool breeze of chlorinated water and long to feel the water on my skin once again. There was no way to escape it either because the building was designed to pass by the pool at every angle. Even in the dressing room the cool water beckoned with every beach towel flung over a changing stall. Working out on the weights didn’t do much to quell my desire to jump in either. All of the sweating from deadlifts, shoulder presses, and seated rows with all of the clothes I had on just intensified my desire jump in just once. After awhile I started to feel like crack fiend that wanted just one hit. It was like thinking “the pool, it be callin me man, it be callin me”. (more…)


The downside to apostasy March 9, 2015

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I often write about the fringe benefits of apostating from Islam and rarely see any negative effects of apostasy, if that is what you want to call them. Granted there aren’t many but they do exist. I am speaking from the perspective of an American woman who, for the most part, have the freedom to bounce around from religion to religion with little to no adverse effects other than being disowned from family or viewed as being weird and indecisive. It is not like Saudi or other middle eastern countries governed by Islam where you risk being flogged, jailed, or losing your life for bouncing between beliefs. That is most definitely a negative effect of Islam and one that needs to be eradicated.

What I am speaking about are little nuances that have crept up from time to time that resulted from my leaving Islam that I never thought be a problem until now. When you convert, most Muslims feel like they are going to be Muslim until they die. And many people do remain that way although probably out of fear more than true belief in the system of Islam. (more…)


Fringe benefits – Part 8 – Marry a mermaid January 22, 2015

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male mermaidI don’t know what I was thinking about the other day but it made the infamous mermaid fatwa cross my mind. The mermaid fatwa was an edict that was issued by some “scholar’ and posted on islamqanda many years ago but has since been removed. In a nutshell, it states that mermaids are halal to eat (with one dissenting opinion) and uses several hadith to back up the verdict. An old copy can be found here:


So a fringe benefit of being an apostate is being able to marry a mermaid. Whereas Islam views mermaids as a potential food source and would support killing them, I am free to keep them off plate and marry one. If Mormons can believe that people live on the moon and sun and once prominent Islamic scholars can claim that the earth is flat then anything is possible and I can marry a mermaid. Alhamdulillah for apostasy!