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I’m not the only one March 22, 2011

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It seems the companions at the time of Muhammad were just as befuddled about the references of unnamed people in the Quran as everyone else. A hadith in Bukhari states:

“Narrated Abu Hurairah: While we were sitting with the Prophet Surah Al-Jumuah was revealed to him and when the verse “And He(Allah) has sent him(Muhammad) also to other(Muslims)…..(62:3)” by the Prophet, I said “Who are they O’ Allah’s Apostle?” The Prophet did not reply till I repeated my question thrice. At that time Salman Al-Farisi was with us. So Allah’s Apostle put his hand on Salman saying “If faith were at(the place of ) Ath-Thuraiya(pleiades, the highest star), even then(some men or man from these people (i.e. Salman’s folk) would attain it.” Volume 6 Book 60 Number 420

The explanation is that ‘they’ is referring to the people of Persia. This is because Salman was Farisi(Parisi i.e. Persian) and since Muhammad put his hand on Salman the inference of ‘they’ belonged to the men of Salman i.e. Persia.

What I wanna know is : 1. Why did Muhammad ignore the questioner and not answer until the third time? I’ve always noticed from hadith etc, that it is a regular habit of Muhammad to ignore people. Is he trying to stall until he and Allah can drum up an answer?  2. Why didn’t Allah just say all that in the ayah? What about all the people who would eventually recite that ayah and want to know who ‘they’ is? Ironically the next verse starts with ‘This is the Grace of Allah…”. Is it graceful to make people guess what your Kitab-ul-Hikmah(book of wisdom) means? That’s not graceful, it’s annoying.


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  1. Rasheed Says:


    wherefor art thou? Are you still sorting out your vehicle? I just thought I would read some of your posts agaim, (1) Because I love your writing style & (2) Because you get so deep that one needs to ponder over bits then assimilate what one can, then bite off another chunk.

    Its because I’ve been doing much research of my own and had no option but to travel many different paths to find answers that I ran over the idea (could be true) of the Pleidians. It only sprang to me when you quoted the hadith above. You can google for pleidians but here is a link that can provide a brief synopsis. May not be the best succinct explanation but you get the idea.


    whilst I was searching, I stumbled on this guys site


    He has some interesting theories on Life after Death that you may want to gloss over in your spare time…

    Take care and come back soon…

    • Not so much sorting out my car as I was sorting out my life. Interesting information from the links, I will read about them more in-depth soon.
      Thanks for your concern, I hope things are good in your part of the world 🙂

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