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Fringe Benefits – Part 3 March 27, 2011

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 The image shown is the cover of Muscle & Fitness Hers magazine, Nov/Dec 2009 edition. I purchased a copy more than a year ago because I had taken up an interest in Figure competition and bodybuilding. Amongst the featured articles on the cover one was titled “Are you D-ficient? The vitamin you need to take”. In summary the editorial talks about vitamin D and the need for it, the role it plays in health, its sources, and suggested daily requirements. What is interesting is that vitamin D is considered to be the sunshine vitamin because human skin creates it from exposure to sunlight. An excerpt from the article reads:

“Vitamin D unlocks the DNA library for every cell in the body. Every single tissue needs it to operate at peak efficiency…”

I always tell my kids to go outside and “get some sun in your eyes” even before I knew about vitamin D and sunlight. Growing up in a tiny city in the south, I spent the majority of my summers outside. Days were rare where I spent the entire day in front of an Atari playstation(yes, you read correctly. I wrote Atari, lol).  But now it is common for children and adults alike to spend entire days in buildings that block out a vital necessity from the sun. Too many people rely on manmade products to supply the human system with what can be found in nature. Yet these people make their own choices about actions that are detrimental to their health. For the muslimah, Allah has made the choice that is detrimental to her health by decreeing muslim women to cover and deprive themselves of the natural benefits of the sun.

After reading about the chemical process between skin and sun, I couldn’t help but wonder why Allah would decree for women to veil knowing he created mankind to be dependent on the needs of sunlight for good health. The light of Ash-Shams(the sun) is the force of every living thing on the planet. Were the sun to die so would everything on earth. So why would Muhammad/Allah insist that the best places for a woman to pray are the inner recesses of her home, that women should stay in their homes and not make a wanton display of themselves as the times of jahilliyah, and not have anything seen of them except the face and the hands?

This isn’t about the age-old argument of  ‘is hijab required or not’. It is about the apparent oversight of Allah to recognize that females need just as much sunshine as males and that hijab of any form contradicts that. I would imagine that sunshine is even more vital in nursing mothers. Some doctors suggest sitting jaundiced babies in low-level sunlight for a few minutes a day as a natural remedy to jaundice(not blazing heat or direct sunlight). People of African descent have been known to suffer from depression when living in colder temperatures that don’t allow them to receive adequate sunlight. Sick people who stay indoors are known to stay sick longer yet patients who are taken outside for few minutes a day seem to fair better. With all the benefits of sunlight, it is illogical that Allah would mandate deprivation of it for women. What is logical is that the person(s) who made up Allah/Muhammad/Islam would whole-heartedly deprive women of this basic natural need because of their own trivial wants.

Saturday, March 19th marked the first day in at least twelve years that I stepped outside in a short sleeve shirt. Being one day before the first official day of spring, the sun was beaming radiant warmth and my skin joyously soaked in the rays that it had been missing. Leaving the house without sleeves was not as traumatic as my first venture without hijab but it still felt odd. Basking in the sun soon rid me of whatever remaining feelings of trepidation that lingered, as the healing powers of sunlight remove the scars left from the disease of Islam.

So the benefits of my apostasy is that I can wear shorts, tank tops, sundresses, and sandals and know that there is reward in showing some skin as opposed to a sin of not covering it up. I can wear regular swimsuits to the pool. Therefore I will not go to a pool looking like a wannabe Navy S.E.A.L. by wearing a burqini. I will no longer wear hot, long sleeved shirts when I go running but I will relish in wearing the latest color-coordinated spandex workout clothes. The only reason I will deprive myself of sunshine is to ward off mosquitos, decency laws, dress codes, weather, or other practical reasons. I will not think about shaytans sitting on the horizon as the sun rises but appreciate the beauty and life it brings with another day.


7 Responses to “Fringe Benefits – Part 3”

  1. your friend Says:

    Here Here!Say that s+++ again girl you told the truth about the sunlight issue,I enjoy reading your blog so much always so informative and just
    spot on.I just wanted to give you a cheer my lady and let you know I am here in your Ra Ra corner with my pom poms cheering you on all the way!
    love ya much and we’ll talk this week!I meant to phone you last night and got tied up with the celebrity apprentice LOL then I fell asleep so anyhoo
    I will call u this week…

  2. Stephanie Says:

    OMG i’m so excited about summer as opposed to the usual dread and staying indoors all the time cuz its so hot. downside is i’ve spent a small fortune updating my wardrobe. upside is Ive spent a small fortune updating my wardrobe 🙂 I love shopping for new clothes now and it still feels weird not looking for sleeves or hemlines that are long enough or worrying if the garment is too tight.

    Regarding the post, it is very much scientifically proven the vit d is necessary to health. we were designed/evolved in a way that our body needs and uses sunlight so yeah covering really just doesn’t make sense. it’s such an impediment in so many ways and i’m exhilarated to be free of it.

  3. Becky Says:

    Well, even when I considered myself Muslim I didn’t believe in a religious foundation for “traditional/conservative” “only hands and face show” interpretation of how women should dress (but I also didn’t believe in Hadiths. This issue just makes it even more clear, why on earth would Allah make us need vitamin D and then command that half of the worlds population cover up? Makes absolutely no sense!

  4. Sameerah Says:

    skin cancer!!!!
    do some research, you don’t need to walk around half naked in public in order to get the amount of vit that your body requires.

    • I’ve done my research, the question is have you done yours? Don’t bother posting tired “scienctific” links that only reiterate what I’ve said.

      1. Your website states that Vitamin D is necessary for strong bones and a healthy immune system. Everyone knows this from the push of the milk industry. However, Vitamin D isn’t found naturally in milk. It further states in order to get Vitamin D, you should eat fortified foods or take supplements. Neither of these products naturally contain Vitamin D. Eat too much fish and get a healthy does of mercury with your Vitamin D(for those that can afford to eat fish all the time). All these options are just stupid if a person can merely walk outdoors and get the supplement they need.

      2. Your website goes on to claim that a research of 1,000 people was enough to conclude that the vast majority of Americans are getting enough Vitamin D. There are currently over 300,000,000 people in America so I would say this “research” is highly inefficient if it claims 1,000 people is enough of a sample size. Furthermore, statistics can be skewed to fit any argument and I doubt the results of their test represented most of America, much less the world.

      3. You should take issue up with Allah since you believe He created us. Why create the sun as a natural source of numerous health benefits and then order only young women to cover(seeing as old, unattractive women don’t have to abide by hijab rules)? If its so dangerous, why not order everyone to cover? Shouldn’t men, children, and old women be at risk of the “dangers” of being in the sun?

      4. If you you lay on a towel on the beach for hours on end everyday then most likely there will be ramifications. That is always the case with something done in excess. But going outside and moving about is hardly enough to cause someone to get skin cancer. No doubt there are more chemical processes created from movement that offset any supposed excess radiation. The human body is a finely-tuned, complex machine that has an amazing capabilty to heal itself under the right conditions. It is only from overload of anything that causes it to break down, not exposure to sunlight.

      5. Why didn’t Allah create clothes for women as a natural part of the environment like everything else? Eve, and many generations after her, never covered. Clothing is a creation of humans. If hijab/jilbab are natural for women and best for them to protect themselves from the sun, why didn’t Allah create trees or gardens where we could go and pluck coverings for ourselves instead of humans having to invent them?

      6. Why aren’t all the people who currently live in tribal systems and spend 90% of their time naked and in the sun, dropping like flies from skin cancer?

      Your arguement is weak and an oversimplified case that is created by the people who stand to lose out millions of dollars from more people being active while in the sunlight: drug companies, the milk industry, suntan/sunblock cosmetic industry, health-food supplement companies, and most importantly, Islam INC..

    • Becky Says:

      How much Vitamin D the body can make depends on geographical location, and the type of skin (darker skin needs more light exposure than fair skin). For most Scandinavians for example wearing a short-sleeve shirt and getting 15-20 mins of sun in the summer will do it. I don’t consider that walking around “half naked” .

      Vitamin D deficiency is a serious issue, it’s estimated that up to 75% of all Americans are deficient in D vitamin! ( http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=vitamin-d-deficiency-united-states ) , the researchers are continuously discovering new things that vitamin D helps to prevent, and there is serious consideration to RAISE the daily intake guidelines.

  5. almostclever Says:

    I am vitamin D deficient ladies, so you better believe I am all about getting my body out in that sunlight! SCANDAL!!! lol 😉 I feel a bit guilty that I can so easily shuck the absurdity of religious sanction, when entire societies of women are not afforded that right. I think what exposure to religious peoples and ways of thinking has taught me, is that I am lucky to have that choice.

    Excellent argument, BTW, Ms. Evebitestheapple.

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