My ex-career as a muslimah

Intermission April 28, 2011

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Oh the joys of emissions tests…

I have been trying to get my van past state emissions tests and will be spending a few more days trying to get the problem solved. ‘Tis why I haven’t been writing for the past week and won’t resume for a few more days. Although admittedly the more I shed the remnants of Islam the less I think about it. Hopefully I will be able to pick up the pen next week and resume purging everything from my system with a renewed vigor and revised goals for writing.


Fringe Benefits – Part 5 April 19, 2011

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Come June 1, 2011 I will be celebrating one year of celibacy. Perhaps many people don’t think that is something worth celebrating. After two Islamic marriages, one for 10+ years and one for barely a year, a year of celibacy is a welcome relief from the relationship cycle of Muslims. I decided to take a break after the end of the last one even though I was still Muslim. Deliberately taking a hiatus from marriage as a Muslim is relatively unheard of and definitely frowned on. Marriage is considered to be half a person’s deen and to not be married is considered to not be whole. However just the task of finding a spouse is draining enough without the added strain of building and maintaining a long-term relationship.

Looking for a suitable mate can branch out several different ways. Typically young Muslims from Arab, Pakistani, and Indian families have alot of help when searching for a spouse and they are matched up by their parents. Many of them will spend a few months to a year in an undercover marriage that allows them to get to know one another. It’s often termed an engagement although the community usually doesn’t know about it until the two parties officially decide they want to be married. If they feel they are incompatible then they quietly go their separate ways with the family’s honor and the girl’s virginity intact.

Then there are the rest of the Muslims left to fend for themselves in the murky waters of Islamic marriage. A good chunk of converts already knew their spouses before they married because they were dating before accepting Islam. While dating for Muslims in general, and a woman in particuliar, is a no-no, it happens. Alot. I have been stopped a number of times because someone has a question about Islam and they start off with “my boyfriend is Muslim and…”. Needless to say these converts will often start to face pressure from the Muslim family to get married and thus their journey into marriage isn’t as complicted either. What happens afterwards is a different ball of wax.  The remaining few must subject themselves to referrals from friends, community newsletter wife/husband wanted ads, matrimonial sites, Facebook, specially-organized matrimony conventions, and the last I heard, speed-marriages(Islamic version of speed-dating).




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My children and I have  an on-going competition to scare each other. Of course I am ahead of them so they have been trying all sorts of tactics to defeat me. Most times I catch a glimpse of them on my computer screen sneaking up behind me, one of their sisters will tell on them, or they start giggling before they follow through with their attempted scare. Sometimes we are just being silly and say ‘Boo’ while looking directly in each other’s face. After that we will taunt each other with “I scared you’ knowing full well neither scared the other.

This is what my son did tonight, claimed he scared me while I was looking right at him. It was what followed that shocked me. He then proceeded to do a little victory dance and said ‘party on the dance floor’. I told him there was no ‘party on the dance floor because he didn’t scare me’.  Little did he know there was a party in my heart. He then went downstairs and a few minutes later I heard some wretched noise coming from a harmonica. I guess he was belting out his victory song. I don’t know where he got it because we’ve never had musical instruments in the house but I was so shocked to hear him play it that I didn’t care(here’s to hoping he’s not sick tomorrow because I guess he got if from the neighborhood kids). (more…)


Clutching at straws April 17, 2011

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This is an example of the lengths some Muslims will go to prove Arabic is the untouched mother language of all people on Earth and in their Jannah. At :09 the speaker says just 200 years ago Arabic was universal. He also states Native Americans spoke in Arabic(at least the smart ones) and that Christopher Columbus took an Arab with him to translate to the Indians. Really? How desperate can you get. One can draw the conclusion from the clip that Native Americans were dumb as only the “intelligent ones” spoke Arabic.

Never fear, Muslim Rationale is here. A Muslim will say “he didn’t mean everyone spoke Arabic 200 years ago. He meant that it had reached every corner of the globe”. Or they will say this doesn’t have anything to with Islam, he is talking about Arab culture. Okay, sure.  After that they will dodge the part about the Indians by saying you are attacking Islam because you are a) full of rage b) bitter c) a woman d) a confused man e) mentally unstable f) suffering psychological breakdowns g) were married to an Arab and it failed or h) some other reason that has absolutely nothing to do with refuting Islamic beliefs.


Fringe Benefits – Part 4 April 13, 2011

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I dropped a piece of food on the floor this evening. Then I picked it up, carried it over to the trash can, and dropped it in. No pangs in my conscious about not following the sunnah of Muhammad by blowing on it, saying ‘Bismillah’, and eating it. No guilty feelings about about leaving food for the jinn to eat. There are two sunnahs of food that I struggled with: eating food off the floor/ground and drinking something that a fly had fallen into.

I tried really hard to eat food that had fallen on the floor. My ex-husband was a champion at it. I tried to get inspired by watching him pop lint-ridden food into his mouth after blowing on it. I would keep reminding myself of the numerous rewards of following Muhammad while saying “I think I can, I think I can”.

I couldn’t. (more…)


That’s Amazing! April 12, 2011

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I saw this video on the ‘Mango the Fruitarian’ blog and thought it was amazing. It is incredible what people can invent that can have a major impact on lives. I imagine the guy in the video probably never imagined Mexico would want to incorporate his makeshift island into their territory. Of course, when there is a buck involved anything is possible. Inventors of religions are no different. They come up with these ideas called religion that will allow them to collect money from believers and have as many women as they like. But they never think that it will go on to have a major impact on people’s lives, many times to devastating degrees. Perhaps more people should spend time coming up with ingenious ideas like these and less time on disastrous ideas like religion.


Hot Damn! – Interlude April 11, 2011

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I decided to change internet carriers last week and is such with any new product, it hasn’t worked properly. I’ve had intermittent service so during that time I’ve taken the opportunity to soak up some wonderful sunshine. Basking in the sunlight is a wonderful benefit of freedom. Some days it’s hard to believe I voluntarily gave that up for utter falsehood.

During this time, a commenter has decided to take me task in my ‘Hot Damn’ post about the handful of words I posted that are of Hebrew origin. While these few words most certainly aren’t the only ones derived from Hebrew, they are the ones I have found thus far(including others I have listed in a separate post). He/She has zeroed in on the words ‘ruh’, ‘yawm’, and ‘layl’ and claimed that since these words existed in Arabic for hundreds of years, then they couldn’t have come from the Hebrew Bible and this is evidence that stories from the Quran aren’t plagarized from the Bible. (more…)