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Hot Damn! – Interlude April 11, 2011

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I decided to change internet carriers last week and is such with any new product, it hasn’t worked properly. I’ve had intermittent service so during that time I’ve taken the opportunity to soak up some wonderful sunshine. Basking in the sunlight is a wonderful benefit of freedom. Some days it’s hard to believe I voluntarily gave that up for utter falsehood.

During this time, a commenter has decided to take me task in my ‘Hot Damn’ post about the handful of words I posted that are of Hebrew origin. While these few words most certainly aren’t the only ones derived from Hebrew, they are the ones I have found thus far(including others I have listed in a separate post). He/She has zeroed in on the words ‘ruh’, ‘yawm’, and ‘layl’ and claimed that since these words existed in Arabic for hundreds of years, then they couldn’t have come from the Hebrew Bible and this is evidence that stories from the Quran aren’t plagarized from the Bible.

Even though I still have Part Two of ‘Hot Damn’ to write, I decided to insert this interlude to focus on the word ‘ruh’ and the story Iesa/Jesus/Yeshua. Many of the mentionings of ‘ruh’ in the Quran refer to ‘Ruh-ul-Qudus’ which roughly translates into ‘Spirit-the-Holy’ or ‘The Holy Spirit'(Ruh=Spirit, ul=the, Qudus=Holy). Well excuse me but where would Muhammad get the name of The Holy Spirit? You guessed it, the Bible in the New Testament.

“This is how the birth of Jesus came about: His mother Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph but before they came together she was found to be pregnant through the Holy Spirit.” Matthew 1:18

As I stated, the New Testament was written in Greek so the word for Holy is [ ἁγίου ](agiou) in Greek. The meaning of Spirit in Greek is [ πνεύματος ](pneumatos). However, because these aren’t proper nouns like the name Iesa, a person would merely need to find a word from their language as translation. So Muhammad(and his helper) chose Ruh-ul-Qudus or The Holy Spirit. As I’ve already stated, Ruh can be found in Biblical Hebrew(which predates all Semitic languages) at the very beginning of the Bible in Genesis. That leaves the word Qudus.

Ah, here it is:

“These are the regulations for the guilt offering, which is most holy” Leviticus 7:1

The word ‘holy’ in this verse comes from Hebrew [  קֹ֫דֶש ] or ka da shim. The root of this word is Qo-desh. Between Arabic and Hebrew there is a rule where the ‘sh’ of a word can sometimes be replaced with the ‘s’ letter. For instance, where you have Shalom in Hebrew you can replace the ‘sh’ with ‘s’ and you get Salom(better known as salam). If I follow the same rule, I can replace the ‘sh’ in Qo-desh  with ‘s’ and I get Qo-des or Holy which is very close to Qu-dus(Holy). Vowels were not written in Arabice so I do not have to knit-pick over the use of  English vowels. In Muhammad’s Arabic, Qudus would be Q-D-S which sounds exactly like Q-D-SH of Hebrew.

Even if the commenter still wants to insist I’m “grabbing at straws” in their effort to cling to the deen, there is a larger issue at hand: Why would Muhammad bother including a being of the trinity in the Quran if he(and Allah) were so big on monotheism? Scholars must have realized this because they put the word ‘Jibreel’ in parenthesis as explanation for Ruh-ul-Qudus:

“And indeed, We gave Musa (Moses) the Book and followed him up with a succession of Messengers. And We gave ‘Îsa (Jesus), the son of Maryam (Mary), clear signs and supported him with ruh-ul-Qudus [Jibrael (Gabriel عليه السلام)]. Is it that whenever there came to you a Messenger with what you yourselves desired not, you grew arrogant? Some you disbelieved and some you killed.” Baqara:87 

However, the Arabic ayah doesn’t make any mention of Jibreel. The verse only states ‘Ruh-ul-Qudus’ or ‘The Holy Spirit’. And since the commenter made a point of saying the Arabic doesn’t have to be pure, it must be clear, then I don’t need an interpretation from a scholar to insinuate that the Ruh being spoken about is Jibreel. It is clear that Ruh-ul-Qudus is ‘The Holy Spirit’. And ‘The Holy Spirit’ is part of the trinity spoken about in the New Testament of the Bible. So the commenter can waste away their time arguing over language. This is the debate tactics of Muslims. They focus on language to get away from the bigger issues at hand. Muhammad/Allah inadvertently included(and approved of) part of the Trinity in his/their book of “monotheism”.

Back to my sunshine.


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  1. silent witness Says:

    “He/She has zeroed in on the words ‘ruh’, ‘yawm’, and ‘layl’”

    It’s important to be fair and accurate in a debate if you are to maintain any credibility. It was, in fact, you who zeroed in on these words, because you cited them as examples in your opening paragraph. The words were your choice, not mine.

    “..and claimed that since these words existed in Arabic for hundreds of years, then they couldn’t have come from the Hebrew Bible and this is evidence that stories from the Quran aren’t plagarized from the Bible”

    Again, be fair and please don’t misquote me. Read my post again, and you will see that what I said was that these words had been part of the Arabic language for hundreds of years before the arrival of the Qur’an, therefore you cannot use them as evidence of plagiarization in the Qur’an. It stands to reason, don’t you agree? If the first appearance of these words in the Arabic language had been in the Qur’an, then you may have a point. But it wasn’t, therefore you don’t.

    So your suggestion that the use of these words is evidence of plagiarism is, to put it politely, clutching at straws

    • 1. Those words were my choices as well as the others that post and another previous post and future posts. Out of the several I listed you chose two or three that you figured would be everyday words. You picked those words hoping to prove that words like day and night were already in the language but you weren’t so sure about the other ones so you focused on them.

      2. I didn’t misquote you. I wrote what you claimed. If you don’t see that then it is not surprising.

      3. You have no proof whatsoever from sources outside of Quran that any of the words I have listed in my posts thus far(and later) existed during Muhammad’s time. For all you know, day and night could have been spoken using completely different words and when the Quran was revealed, then ‘yawm’ and ‘layl’ replaced different words that existed in the Arabic language. The burden of proof is on you to show that these words, or any others, were in circulation in Arabic before the Quran was revealed.

      4. Even if you were able to show they were in circulation, you are then stuck with the irritating fact that they evolved from Hebrew and that your Kitab’s foundational language is the language of the Jews.

      5. Since you agree that language evolves and that words were absorbed into Islam you must also agree that actions evolve and were absorbed into Islam. This includes pagan customs. This means that Allah took the pagan customs that were common to the people of that time and made them apart of Islam so that they would understand it better in the customs they are used to. Since Allah is at the mercy of evolution of language in order to get his Message across, He is also at the mercy of evolution of traditions. Many traditions suring Muhammad’s time evolved from paganism which means the traditions allowed into Islam are based on paganism(and not anything Holy or Divine).

      6. Scholars don’t believe language evolved, they believe it is a special, unique language and that Arabs are special, unique, divine people. So much so that some are circulating the idea that Native Americans(only the intelligent ones) spoke Arabic and that Christopher Columbus took Arabs with him to translate. Now that is what you call ‘clutching at straws’. How desperate can you get with these foolish arguments that defy all logic and all evidence in a tired attempt to prove Arabic came about on its own and is the language of saved, divine people? You can tell yourself whatever you want that helps you hang onto your faith plus please stop spreading the lies to other people.

  2. silent witness Says:

    “Since you agree that language evolves and that words were absorbed into Islam you must also agree that actions evolve and were absorbed into Islam”

    I shouldn’t really need to do this, but I feel I must point out to you that words are absorbed into a language, not into a religion. Arabic is the language of Arabs, be they muslim, christian, jew or atheist. The word for God in Arabic is Allah, and is used by Arab christians and jews in Arabic-language Bibles.

    You seem to have difficulty distinguishing between Islam and Arabic and appear to use the words interchangeably. I can’t quite work out from your blog whether your rage is with Islam, Arabs, Arabic or all of the above. Perhaps it is with an ex-husband who is muslim, Arab and spoke Arabic? I don’t know, but it seems like a distinct possibility.

    Given your statement that you were a muslim for a number of years, you probably already know that Arabs represent only about 15% of the world population of muslims. But I can already hear you screaming: YES BUT WHY MUST THE NON-ARAB MUSLIMS PRAY IN ARABIC ?????!!!! ISN’T THIS JUST ARAB CULTURAL IMPERIALISM??!!

    Was I right? Did you think that?

    • I made a grammatical error, so sue me. It’s interesting that when I made a grammar mistake about the Qahtan in a reply to one of your comments you never said anything about that. Seems as though you were a little too anxious to pounce on this one.

      Why didn’t you have a good opinion of me and say to yourself “she must have meant to type ‘absorbed into Arabic”? That would have been the commonsense thing to do. Or you could have clarified “did you mean Arabic or Islam”. But you chose not to. Out of the several points I listed, you focused on that point. And you didn’t even bother to make sure it was worded correctly. But oh yeah, you believe that “she’s a kaffir now so she does not deserve of a good opinion”.

      Like I continue to say(and you continue to avoid), Muhammad and scholars all say that Arabic is the language of mankind and of Jannah and of the true religion. They all say it is original, untouched, unique, and divine. They do not say it is for the Arabs only. They believe everyone is ordered to learn it and implement it in order to be from the truly righteous. The only way they will remotely believe it evolved is if they are backed into a corner. Otherwise they would continue to spew their rubbish that Arabic never evolved and definitely didn’t come from Biblical Hebrew. I don’t have any difficulties understanding this. You do.

      It is so sad that when all else fails, a womans choices are always assumed to be due to a man. At least it took you longer than the average person to deduce I left Islam because of a man. Never mind the fact that I have a brain and decided to start using it again. Oh that’s right, Islam teaches I am deficient in intellect and I cannot make myself clear in argumentation thus I can’t really think rationally. So of course where else must these thoughts come from? A defunct relationship with a man is surely the answer.

      Sorry to burst your bubble and dash your hopes of being right but I was never married to an Arab.

      Rage? What rage? I have never been enraged when typing my posts. Excited? yes. Sad? yes. Relieved? Most definitely. But, sorry Charlie, no rage to be found here. If you are basing that statement on the times I type in all caps then your hypothesis of rage is wrong. I sometimes also use bold, underline, and italicize in an effort to emphasize some points over others. I have been angry at times. Angry because I let my eman take over my logic and swallowed this mess for so long. Angry because I taught it to my children and I am seeing the effects on them. They are afraid to do simple things like eat a marshmallow, or listen to a song, or even walk with one shoe on and one off. If Islam were the truth then it would have been worth it. But I lost a part of my life, instilled ridiculous doctrines into my children for utter foolishness and it doesn’t make me happy at all. But it doesn’t mean I will continue to waste more of my energy on rage. Islam simply isn’t worth it.

      So what if Arabs represent 15% of the world population of Muslims? And?

      No you were wrong(again). I did not think that. And I definitely wasn’t screaming.

      • silent witness Says:

        “I made a grammatical error, so sue me.”

        I never comment on grammar or spelling a) because it’s rude to do so and b) because English is not my first language so I have enough trouble with my own grammar without having to worry about anyone else’s. But the point which I was trying to put to you has nothing to do with grammar and everything to do with content. Your Freudian slip suggests an underlying attitude that Arabic and Islam are synonymous, to the extent that you can freely interchange them with one another. Hence my comment about the fact that Arabs represent only 15% of world muslims, and that arabic is the language not only of Arab muslims, but Arab christians, Arab jews and Arab atheists too

        “I don’t have any difficulties understanding this. You do.”

        What I have difficulty understanding is your determined insistence that Hebrew is a pre-cursor to Arabic, when linguistic anthropologists and scholars describe the two languages as being of a family of semitic languages rooted in pro-semitic. If you consider that the first documented evidence of written Arabic dates back to the early 4th century, how do you justify your theory that Arabic was derived from Hebrew, when Hebrew had become extinct by that time? Even jews at that time used Aramaic, not Hebrew, so why would the Arabs use Hebrew when they had previously spoken Aramaic?

        “a womans choices are always assumed to be due to a man”

        I was asking you not about your choices, but about the trigger for the rage that you seem to feel towards the trinity (Islam, Arabs and Arabic). Nothing is more likely to shake a person to the core, and to cause them to re-evaluate their life choices, than the breakdown of a personal relationship or a feeling of deep personal betrayal. Although this behaviour is true of both genders, in my experience it seems to be more common amongst women than men.

      • Some of your comments have had errors. Errors that change the content altogether. I reread your sentences and corrected them in my mind so I could try to understand what you meant versus what you mistakenly typed. Then I answered your comment based on the corrected version. I didn’t use your grammatical errors to make it seem like your entire argument was wrong. I used your corrected comments to prove your argument wrong.

        Throughout this entire discussion I’ve made several points. You have avoided 85% of them. One minute you approve of evolving language. The next minute language, in particuliar Arabic, couldn’t have evolved from Hebrew because it was “extinct”. Hebrew is the precursor to Arabic because it is the foundation of Arabic, Aramaic, Assyrian. Hebrew is where it started. Then it kept branching off into different languages. Everything has a foundation. Aramaic isn’t the foundation for Arabic. Hebrew is because Hebrew is the foundation for Aramaic. Hebrew is the foundation for Assyrian. As long as Arabic evolves from these languages Hebrew will always be the foundation and that means Arabic will always have evolved from Hebrew. You can continue to candy-coat it however you want.

        First I’m exhibiting rage, now I’m making Freudian slips? Breakdowns of personal relationships and personal betrayals? Lol, are you a keyboard psychologist? Do I need to lay on the couch as I am typing and break out the box of kleenex? If I were to say I’m an angry, bitter ex-muslim that’s mad at all Muslims, all Arabs, Muhammad, and men would that satisfy you? Would you feel venerated? If so, why? You need to ask yourself why stooping to such low levels of perceiving me to be that type person would make you feel justified in your position as a Muslim. Perform the psycho-analysis on yourself, not me.

        Sorry darling but I am not bitter at Islam. There is no trigger for rage because there is no rage. Even though I already said that, you still insist that I have rage. But I have stated several things throughout this discussion over and over and over again that you routinely ignore and change the subject. So now you have reduced yourself to questioning my mental/emotional stability as a person and particuliarly as a woman. Even if I was writing this blog as a reaction to an event in my life, why does it have to be a man? How do you know I didn’t lose a sibling fighting in Iraq? Or perhaps I have a child with a foreigner and that child was killed in bombing in Afghanistan while visiting family. Maybe I had a dear sister friend that was murdered by her family for honor. I could go on and on about all the atrocities committed in the world for me to have rage. But you decide that the only plausible reason for a weak-minded female to have rage against Islam is because of a man. You decide that a woman cannot possibly make her own intelligent decision that Islam is garbage therefore her only reason is because of a man and personal betrayal.

        If believing this will help you sleep at night then go ahead, be my guest. I already know what it is like to see the falsehood of Islam and the emotional toll is can take to stare the lies in the face. I can see the appeal of this type of argumentation because it will help keep you safe and cocooned in your belief system. You aren’t asking me these questions for my sake. Your are asking for your own sake.

  3. silent witness Says:

    “I reread your sentences and corrected them in my mind … Then … I used your corrected comments to prove your argument wrong”

    This is acceptable only if comments contain mistakes in spelling or grammar, because the meaning would be clear despite the obvious mistakes. But if the “mistake” is in a sentence which is grammatically and lexically correct, then there is less room for re-interpretation. You said, in perfect grammar and with perfect spelling, that Islam had absorbed words from other languages therefore Islam can also absorb actions. Bearing in mind that you had previously accused the Qur’an of plagiarizing Hebrew words, how can you then be surprised when your statement is taken at face value?

    “One minute you approve of evolving language. The next minute language, in particuliar Arabic, couldn’t have evolved from Hebrew because it was ‘extinct'”

    There is no contradiction in what I said. Yes, languages do evolve and Arabic has evolved over the centuries. But you seem to think that semitic language, in its entirety, started with Hebrew. This is not the case, because Hebrew is a descendant of pro-semitic, as is Arabic, Aramaic, Maltese and a variety of other languages. This is not my opinion, but the opinion of linguists and social anthropologists who are better qualified than you or I to express an informed opinion. So the question which I have put to you, and you have refused to address, is this: why do you insist that the similarities between Hebrew and Arabic are explained by your theory that Qur;an has plagiarized Hebrew texts, and are not explained by the fact of the shared ancestry of both languages? To put the question another way, why should I believe the opinion of an ex-muslim who feels anger and bitterness towards Islam and Arabs, and accept it in preference to the opinion of international scholars and linguists who do not have an axe to grind either way?


    If you study the timeline of Hebrew as a day-to-day language, you will see that it was to all intents and purposes extinct between about the 3rd and 19th centuries CE. It was revived in the late 19th century by Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, who introduced many Arabic, English, French and German words into modern Hebrew to turn it into a functioning modern language.

    So, if there is a debt of gratitude for linguistic heritage, it is owed by Hebrew to Arabic and not the other way around.

    “Unique, Divine, Pure”

    You said that Arabic is promoted by its advocates as a pure and divine language. It may interest you to know that this description is actually more fitting of jewish attitudes towards Hebrew. The efforts to modernize Hebrew in the 19th century, and to turn it into a national language for the jews were opposed by jewish theologians, because they considered Hebrew as the language of religion and must not be used for day-to-day matters. Indeed, there are some jewish communities today who speak only in Yiddish as they consider it blasphemous to speak in Hebrew for anything other than prayer.

    • I have answered your question and then some probably a half-dozen times by now. Even though I have stated I am not bitter nor filled with rage you keep insisting I am. You are looking for a way to justify your argument and the only way you can do it is by deciding I am woman without the ability to think and a bitter ex-muslim filled with rage.

      You do not have to believe me. I have also stated this to you over and over. I’ve told you to believe what you want. Go on believing that the Quran doesn’t have stories plagarized from the Bible. Go on believing Arabic is untouched by Hebrew. Go on believing that the sun goes away at night to prostrate to Allah. Go on believing that the world is flat. Go on believing that the intellegient Native Americans spoke Arabic. Go on believing that as a Muslim you have the right to kill whatever kafir you like because of your religion. Go on believing that Allah chose you to be special above other humans because you believe in “La ilaha illah”. I am not stopping you. I write first for myself, second for children, and third for anyone that wants to remove the blinders from their eyes. You can keep your blinders on all you like.

      I’ve given you answers while you have avoided the majority of my questions. If you feel my argument doesn’t hold any weight then you should have been able to debunk it several comments ago. You only keep responding to selective questions because I caused a ding in your eman and you are searching for a way to restore it on my watch. Just because an attitude is more fitting of Jews doesn’t mean squat. That doesn’t stop Muslim Arab scholars from trying to convince the world that Arabic is the mother language of all people, preferred by Allah, and the language of paradise. You have said absolutely nothing that proves languages from the Quran aren’t plagarized. You’ve wasted all you precious time trying to disprove that Arabic didn’t come from Hebrew(which you still haven’t done). If you felt you were right you could have been spending your time doing something more “valuable” like making thikr, extra sunnah rakat, being in the masjid where you belong, tending to your wife and children. But you choose to spend your time on some ex-muslim that you make seem isn’t worth the time. Your angels are supposedly writing your actions down yet here you are spending Al-Asr on a blog repeating yourself. Not because you think I am wrong. Because you are afraid I might be right.

      Call on all the linguists you need to. Allah spoke the language of the Jews because his Prophet was stealing stories from the Bible, the Zoroastrians, the Brahmins, the Egyptians, the Hanifs, and any other story that he thought would help him sell Islam.

    • I find it interesting that you stated you do not feel qualified to correct grammatical errors because English isn’t your native language. But you then deemed yourself qualified enough to claim I didn’t make a mistake I made a Freudian slip. Based on your recent comment you apparently do know when sentences are ‘grammatically and lexically correct’ despite your “handicap” of speaking English as a second language.

  4. silent witness Says:

    “I have answered your question and then some probably a half-dozen times by now”

    Please point me to one place where you have answered the question about why your opinion about the origin of Arabic should be accepted, in preference to the opinions of linguists, anthropologists and other scholars. What insights do you have that they don’t?

    “..responding to selective questions because I caused a ding in your eman..”
    lol…I can assure you that my eman is more likely to be dinged by weak arguments IN FAVOUR of islam than by cheap and incoherent shots AGAINST it.

    “..tending to your wife and children..”
    I can’t remember telling you anything about my family status. How do you know that I’m not a single female? Gender stereotyping?

    “Call on all the linguists you need to”
    So, all the linguists can tell you that you are wrong, but you won.t be convinced! Hmmm, that explains a lot.

    “Allah spoke the language of the Jews because his Prophet was stealing stories from the Bible….”

    Who is Allah in this statement? What’s the significance of using the Arabic word for God in an otherwise English sentence? Please explain what you mean.

    • You are boring me. I feel my IQ level drop with each response to you because I must lower it to your level.

      You can go back and reread my comments to see the answers. However you do not want to read them because you want me to keep retyping responses in hopes you will find a something else to pick on.

      As I was typing the statement about a ding in your eman I was thinking to myself “watch him come back and say his eman has been increased from this conversation”. And surprise, surprise what did you write? Try to keep up son. I told you I’ve been Muslim for some time and I know how you think.

      Gender stereostyping? You wish. Was I profiling based on deductive reasoning from your comments? Yes. I came to the conclusion based on your statements not by asking questions and fishing for answers like you did. If I’m wrong in my assumption you are a man then I have no problem admitting I was wrong. Although I seriously doubt I am. Now the married part, I question. I know as a Muslim man the only way you are going to get some halal nookie is to be married or either do without it. So you are either married, looking to get married, fasting all the time, jacking off, or commiting zina. I chose to give you the best opinion and say you are married. Although I don’t know what woman would really be happy with you spending so much of your time arguing with a kafir woman.

      Who is Allah in the statement? You are wasting my time and you sound desperate just like your Prophet did in so many of the verses he created. I will not teach you your religion.

      Like I said call all your linguists. Hebrew isn’t extinct because it still lives in all the break-off versions of semitic language. It also lives in the Quran that Muslims recite regularly. What I find interesting is that throughout this entire dialogue you haven’t been able to provide a shred of proof from Islam that the stories from Quran aren’t plagarized from the Hebrew Torah and Hebrew/Aramaic/Greek Bible. Your Rabb has left you with nothing sustainable to argue except a Kitab that is full of holes and discrepancies and a Prophet who had no clue what he was talking about. Therefore you have based you entire argument on the words of kafirs. Only the words of kafirs are proveable while Islam is not. You are willing to cite evidences, read articles, quote statements, use proofs all from disbelievers to uphold your so-called religion of truth.

      Your Lord hasn’t sent anything that the Muslim can use to wager a scientific argument with. Even the inventions you use as a platform to argue, the computer, the internet, electricity, are all creations of disbelievers and you are a slave to their inventions, their sciences, their scientists(Freud amongst others), their research, their evidences and their proofs that have been demonstrated with concrete sound knowledge to support and uphold your own belief system. How pathetic that your God has left you(and other Muslims) in a lurch and all you have is blind-following(eman) of some of the most ridiculous beliefs that defy all logic and commonsense. If Islam were true you should have been able to debunk in your very first comment with something from Islam. But you can’t because everything about Islam is questionalble, elusive, evasive, and a big , fat lie. So all you can so is say the kafir Freud said this or I will take the disbelieving linguists word over the word of Allah.

      Because that is what you are doing. In all of your effort to struggle to prove me wrong you have admitted that you are willing to take a disbelieving kafir’s word over Kitab-ul-lah as proof the Quran isn’t plagarized. How is that for irony? In all your praise of kafir intellect you have committed shirk and possibly tossed yourself out the fold of Islam. I already know what tired, weak “rebuttal” you are going to come back with so don’t waste your time. You’d better hurry off and make wudhu and tawbah for this great sin you have committed against yourself. You wouldn’t want to die in the state of a munafiq or worse yet kafir would you? Go cry your tears of anguish to your God and tell him you are so sorry you used the arguments of disbelievers to try to prove Islam is true. Explain to Him that because He didn’teave you anything of worth you had no choice and you had to do it. That will get you off the hook. It will keep your Merciful Lord from ordering scalding, boiling hot water from being poured down your throat. It will prevent your Merciful Lord from punishing you with all the sadistic tortures he plans to reap on other souls of mankind.

      To you be your way and to me, be mine.

  5. silent witness Says:

    “You are boring me. I feel my IQ level drop with each response to you because I must lower it to your level”

    Yes it must be frustrating to be asked the same question over and over again. You can be as abusive as you like, but that doesn’t alter the fact that you haven’t answered the question as to why your version of the origin of Arabic should be accepted in preference to the version of linguists and other scholars.

    “In all your praise of kafir intellect you have committed shirk and possibly tossed yourself out the fold of Islam”

    lol..you may be getting bored but I find your approach quite amusing 🙂 This debate isn’t about my faith or lack thereof. It’s about your intellectual honesty and integrity. You made several claims and, when challenged, were unable to substantiate them with any coherent argument. When pressed further, you became abusive.

    So, put aside all this diversionary nonsense and answer the question. What special insights do you have about the origin of the Arabic language that qualify you to make an assertion that contradicts the findings of linguists and scholars?

    “..the only way you are going to get some halal nookie is to be married or either do without it. So you are either married, looking to get married, fasting all the time, jacking off, or commiting zina..”

    Stick to the subject at hand and answer the question.

    • I see you are still insisting on wasting my time. You sound like a broken record. I’ve typed the answers. You’ve rejected them. I’ve typed questions. You’ve refused to answer them. You play this game of diverting the conversation. Then when I address your diversion you claim I’m avoiding the subject. You are a real piece of work. Run along and play with your akhi’s. This here is grown folks work.

    • “What special insights do you have about the origin of the Arabic language that qualify you to make an assertion that contradicts the findings of linguists and scholars?”

      Its amazing how many times your question keeps changing even though you claim you’re asking the same one that hasn’t been answered.

      “Stick to the subject and answer the question”.

      You need to learn what the subject is. Question(s) have been answered. Go boss your wife/wives around. Perhaps they don’t pay attention to your nonsense either so here you are trying to order me around. If they are being disobedient by not listening to you then be a good muslim husband go beat them and stop hiding behind your keyboard.

      ‘You become abusive”

      Interesting when you feel the need to insinuate on my blog I am mentally-deficient, psychologically damaged, bitter, full-of-rage ex-muslim that doesn’t make you abusive. I guess you’re the victim huh? I guess I forced you to come on here, read my posts, and start hurling insults. Stay with Islam. It suits you.

      • silent witness Says:

        “Its amazing how many times your question keeps changing even though you claim you’re asking the same one that hasn’t been answered”
        It’s been the same question all along: why should we believe your theory on the origin of Arabic in preference to the opinions of linguists and scholars? I would have thought you’d jump at the chance to reel off a list of qualifications and academic references to support your claims, but instead you’ve swerved, twisted and wriggled your way out of an answer.

        You say you’ve answered, I say you haven’t. So why don’t you prove me wrong, and point me to just one place where the question is answered.

        “Troll, Pest, Bore, IQ-deficient…”
        Surely you don’t mean me, do you?

      • What a crock. At first it was merely, “if you research a little further..”. The more I have answered the questions, the more you’ve changed yours. Now it’s “you need to provide qualifications”. This is traditional Islamic scholarship at its finest. You will pull anything out of your hat to try and hold onto your belief. At the end of this debate you will run to your ahkee’s and bints and tell them an imaginary tale of how you defeated me.

        And who is “we”? Do you need a whole team of people to come battle lil’ ol’ me? Oh boy, that is rich and made my day.

        My dear silent witness, this discussion is finished. It was a done deal a long time ago. You have used one tactic after the other to cover the fact that your holy book is a farce. Your questions have been substantially and thoroughly answered so you and your team can call it a day. I am fine with the fact that the majority of my questions went unanswered because, as you have proven time and time again, I knew you wouldn’t be able to.

        Any further comments after this one related to this topic will be deleted.

        If you become beligerent(as some Muslims are known to do when they can’t get their way) you will be blocked.

        Ta-tah and have a wonderful day.

  6. almostclever Says:

    Eve, looks to me like you may have a troll on your hands. I hate trolls.

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