My ex-career as a muslimah

That’s Amazing! April 12, 2011

Filed under: Random — evebitestheapple @ 12:14 pm

I saw this video on the ‘Mango the Fruitarian’ blog and thought it was amazing. It is incredible what people can invent that can have a major impact on lives. I imagine the guy in the video probably never imagined Mexico would want to incorporate his makeshift island into their territory. Of course, when there is a buck involved anything is possible. Inventors of religions are no different. They come up with these ideas called religion that will allow them to collect money from believers and have as many women as they like. But they never think that it will go on to have a major impact on people’s lives, many times to devastating degrees. Perhaps more people should spend time coming up with ingenious ideas like these and less time on disastrous ideas like religion.


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