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Clutching at straws April 17, 2011

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This is an example of the lengths some Muslims will go to prove Arabic is the untouched mother language of all people on Earth and in their Jannah. At :09 the speaker says just 200 years ago Arabic was universal. He also states Native Americans spoke in Arabic(at least the smart ones) and that Christopher Columbus took an Arab with him to translate to the Indians. Really? How desperate can you get. One can draw the conclusion from the clip that Native Americans were dumb as only the “intelligent ones” spoke Arabic.

Never fear, Muslim Rationale is here. A Muslim will say “he didn’t mean everyone spoke Arabic 200 years ago. He meant that it had reached every corner of the globe”. Or they will say this doesn’t have anything to with Islam, he is talking about Arab culture. Okay, sure.  After that they will dodge the part about the Indians by saying you are attacking Islam because you are a) full of rage b) bitter c) a woman d) a confused man e) mentally unstable f) suffering psychological breakdowns g) were married to an Arab and it failed or h) some other reason that has absolutely nothing to do with refuting Islamic beliefs.


One Response to “Clutching at straws”

  1. Guy Says:

    He has indisputable documentation of Indians speaking Arabic at home.What a lying moron.

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