My ex-career as a muslimah

Unproductive productiveness June 14, 2011

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Living a life based on logic is truly a wonderful thing.

I’ve been away for some time reflecting, adjusting, and moving forward by doing absolutely nothing. It seems this unproductive time for me has been the most beneficial, sometimes people should just sit quietly and figure out what to do with their lives. Alot seems to have transpired in the ex-muslim blogosphere as well: stripper a and deconstruction have disappeared and it has gotten a little lonely out here. I’ve come across many interesting tidbits here and there that I intended to share but never got around to posting them. They include: a wonderful letter that was posted on the FFI website from someone who recently apostated from Islam, a marvelous quote from Steven Hawking on his philosophy about the afterlife, a muslim woman who powerlifts but wants special rules drafted for herself in the league, and some other bits n’ pieces that I’ve reflected on in these past couple of months.

My kids are gone to visit family for a few weeks so I have more time to write. My goals have changed slightly yet I still feel the need to write before completely closing this book of my life. It may take me a minute to get back in the swing as I am also using this free time to detoxify my body and house as well as my mind.