My ex-career as a muslimah

One year celebration March 8, 2012

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Last week I celebrated my one year anniversary of leaving Islam and ultimately all religions. It has been a glorious, godless year and I’m looking forward to many more.


4 Responses to “One year celebration”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Congrats! I can’t believe it’s already been a year.

  2. brand Says:

    I just found your blog,it is great.There is another blog that is Christian but is far more into criticism Islam based on evidence.I think you will find these articles interesting:

    “Akbar(1542-1605),the Greatest Mughal Emperor of India,Apostate of Islam and Founder of a New Religion”


    “The Koran says the Historical Jesus said he would change Mosaic Law,which Proves Islam is False”


    “Article IV about the Enslavement of Christians by Muslims in Literature:French Novelist Lesage and Islam”


    “Dara Shikoh,Moghul Prince of India and Sufi,was Executed in 1659 by his brother Emperor Aurangzeb,as an Apostate of Islam”


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