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Jannah is boring February 8, 2014

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The world can be an exciting place that can be a struggle for the Muslim to resist in an attempt to receive some fictitious reward in Jannah. I remember reading the Quran and hadith about Jannah and more than once the thought would jump in my head about how Jannah sounded so dull and boring. Being a woman all I had to look forward to was laying around for eternity waiting for my husband to come have sex with me. No television? No art shows? No roller skating? No swimming? No dancing?

No, just lie around and drink liquor out of gold cups and wait for the stallion to show up after porking his hur-al-ayn.

How depressing.

I would try to silence the thoughts with the standard “whispers of shaytaan” explanation but damn, Jannah sounded like one huge infinite snoozefest.

I’m glad I shook that belief system off and am back into the world with all its vitality and all it has to offer.