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Fringe Benefits – Part 7 – Celebrate different holidays December 17, 2014

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christmas treeI was in a nostalgic mood this morning so I put on some Christmas music and warmed some cinnamon on the stove. I haven’t celebrated Christmas or any other traditional American holiday for more than 14 years. Most Muslims know that celebrating any holiday outside of Eid is forbidden although many do it anyway. When I apostated I had to decide what I would do about the holiday issue.

After some research I decided that I would celebrate Christmas and other holidays if I wanted and that there was no real harm. I came to this decision because the history of Christmas started out as a pagan ritual and had nothing to do with Christ until Christians co-opted the holiday and made it about Christ’s mass. Contrary to popular belief, Jesus was not originally “the reason for the season”. Christmas started out as celebration of the winter harvest and change of seasons which was a time of decorating trees, gift giving, community, wreath hanging, and food. There may also be some superstition about the wreath preventing demons from coming into one’s house(soot/coal in the stocking), I don’t remember. (more…)