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The downside to apostasy March 9, 2015

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I often write about the fringe benefits of apostating from Islam and rarely see any negative effects of apostasy, if that is what you want to call them. Granted there aren’t many but they do exist. I am speaking from the perspective of an American woman who, for the most part, have the freedom to bounce around from religion to religion with little to no adverse effects other than being disowned from family or viewed as being weird and indecisive. It is not like Saudi or other middle eastern countries governed by Islam where you risk being flogged, jailed, or losing your life for bouncing between beliefs. That is most definitely a negative effect of Islam and one that needs to be eradicated.

What I am speaking about are little nuances that have crept up from time to time that resulted from my leaving Islam that I never thought be a problem until now. When you convert, most Muslims feel like they are going to be Muslim until they die. And many people do remain that way although probably out of fear more than true belief in the system of Islam. (more…)