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My Kim Davis moment, allah the failed astronomer, and other thoughts August 24, 2016

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There has been some news lately that covers a burkini ban somewhere in Europe and new battle brewing over the Muslim swimwear line. I read a few headlines in passing and it made me decide to log-in to see if there was an uptick in stats due to people searching for burkini. Sure enough there has been a little bump. Not much though because this blog doesn’t get many views anyway which is fine because I’m not in it for blogging dollars. At any rate, I decided to dust the old blog off a little bit and type out a few thoughts that have been on my mind lately but I didn’t write about.


I was walking home one night and while gazing at the sky it made me think about Muslims and their claim that Muhammad foretold of a barrier between the waters in the sea. I can’t find my Quran and am too lazy to Google the verse but many Muslims are at least faintly familiar with claims that Muhammad revealed a difference between fresh water and sea water. His claim was that there was some sort of barrier between the waters that makes them different. I believe they call this “Miracles of the Quran” and Muslim talib-ul-ilm have given lectures based on these so-called miracles.