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Fringe Benefits – part 10 – play board games with dice and play chess September 12, 2016

Filed under: Fringe Benefits — evebitestheapple @ 11:41 pm

diceI was in the store and saw some dice for sale while I was shopping for something else. It made me think of the Islamic ruling against playing games with dice and against playing chess so I decided to add it here. I briefly tried to locate the official ruling but as with all stupid Islamic laws it wasn’t easy to find.


It is known that chess is forbidden in Islam. Yes, people will pop up and say that they know so-and-so Muslim who plays chess. As one Muslim speaker once said, “You can’t judge Islam by the Muslim.” Just because someone sees a Muslim doing something doesn’t mean that it is permissible in Islam.


Those precious dice became a no-no in our house  and we had to say goodbye to board games. I think I wanted to get a game of Monopoly or something for the kids and the ex flipped out(as usual) and said that it was haraam. I imagine some of the newer “sheikhs” have come out with squeaky clean interpretations of hadith and new fatwa that allow certain types of dice that can be used. The nature of Islam is pure deception for that is how it spreads. It wouldn’t be much for scholars to re-interpret the words of Muhammad for the sake of making Islam palatable to the kafireen(disbelievers) until they have been subdued.


So, at any rate, I am free to use dice for board games with the family or gambling if I want. I wouldn’t be surprised if Muhammad was doing a little gambling of his own and got beat out of his money. So then he got mad and all of sudden, presto, Allah sends down an all too convenient inspiration to Muhammad to ban the use of dice.


What a wretched religion.


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