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Fringe benefits – part 11 – go outside in the evening September 13, 2016

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“When night falls, keep your children indoors, for the devils are out and about at this time. When an hour of the sun-settingnight goes by, you can let them go.” [Sahîh al-Bukhârî: (3280, 5623) and Sahîh Muslim (2012)]


“Do not send out your cattle or your children when the sun sets until the blackness of the night descends, for indeed the Satans are sent forth when the Sun sets until the blackness of the night descends.”

This benefit crossed my mind the other night when I told one of my children to go outside and sweep the sidewalk. It was evening time and the sun was setting so according to Islam it would be approaching the Magrhib prayer time. She hesitated and I asked her why and she replied she didn’t like going out at night. Granted it wasn’t fully dark but she did ask one of her siblings to go outside while she completed the task.


There was no reason for her to say this other than her Muslim father calls them and tries to tell them to follow this or that Islamic ruling. Any practice of Islam is banned in my house even though their dad continuously calls and tells them to practice Islam. My kids are not allowed to pray Islamic practices at home, they are not allowed to repeat so much as a “Bismillah” so that infuriates the dad who tries to get them follow whenever he can. The religion of Islam is utter trash and I see no reason to indoctrinate my kids with the belief that it has some redeeming qualities.


So when I first apostated, my children would not go outside in the evening for fear that some devils were lurking about based on the above hadith even though I told them it was okay. When they were younger I would let them play outside but their Abi would have a panic attack if they were out at the time of Maghrib and would insist that they come into the house based on Muhammad’s sayings. From there they developed a fear of being outside at that time and wouldn’t go despite my assurances that they didn’t have anything to worry about. Or at least nothing atypical. If we lived in a bad neighborhood or an area with large animals roaming around then I may tell them to come in based on those factors but not because there are supposed to be some invisible jinn roaming about looking to snatch children.


As time passed though, they became less fearful of going out at that time and would spend more time outside with friends when the sun was setting. This meant they were out being kids: catching lightning bugs, observing the creeping night sky, and enjoying the cool evening before going to bed. Once their Abi got wind of it, he made a point of calling at Maghrib time and telling them to go into the house because of Muhammad and his jinn. I knew because their patterns started changing and I asked why they stopped playing outside. They told me why so I took their phone around that time so he could stop calling and scaring the shit out of my kids for no damn reason other that wanting to force his beliefs on them as all Muslims are required to do.


People may argue that they had to be in the house too when it was getting dark. This is a weak argument, if an argument at all. Hell, when I lived with my grandmother I had to be near the house when the streetlight came on or risk getting a whipping. This was a parental rule that she created and chose to enforce because she thought it was best for my safety. This was not a religious ruling based on false data with no proof that is meant to be inflicted on the rest of society for time immemorial and no questions asked. The two scenarios are apples and oranges. Islam is spread by deception first , war second , and birthrate third. The deception gets them through the gates, the war kills all of those who don’t comply, and the birthrate grows the numbers. So Muslim talib-ul-ilm will use the example of be at home before the streetlight to compare to Muhammad’s tradition and say they are really the same, full of wisdom, blah blah blah when nothing can be further from the truth.


So when my daughter expressed that fear again after being absent for so many years, I can only guess it is coming from one source. And I feel bothered that she is developing a fear of something so benign as being outside at certain time due to some archaic religious beliefs. In many situations people should have the tools to address their fears and try to fix them, However when you condition a person to believe they should be afraid of something and they have absolutely no way of fixing it then that is extreme brainwashing and mind control that leaves irreparable damage.


Once again Muslims, ruling by way of deception, will fire back with some stupid shit like “I am afraid to touch a hot stove because I will get burned. If Allah said sent a verse to not touch hot stoves wouldn’t this be the same thing”.


To which the reply should be, “No dumbass, it is not the same thing.” This is the type of primitive, uneducated thinking that Muslims push day in and day out and why it can only be enforced by the sword.


And also because Muhammad was making this shit up as he went he never bothered to address the people living in places where it would be dark for hours on end and for several months a year. Why didn’t Allah tell Muhammad that the people around the Alaska area will always be stuck in their houses if they were to apply this ruling. When were they supposed to come out. Were the jinn out 24/7 for six months in Alaska? What about parts of Norway? Why didn’t Allah mention of it would be okay to come out once electricity and vehicles were invented? Surely Allah knows everything and  He would have known that around-the-clock lighting was on the horizon so why didn’t He and Muhammad address that in the Quran and hadith? Because Muhammad was a farce(as well as Jesus but that is another story for another day).

So at the end of the day(pun intended) it is great to not have to be bound by this useless and stupid rule. Who the hell needs to be stressed out about being stuck in traffic at Magrib time and the kids are still outside when the devils are sweeping about. Or creating unnecessary fears in your children’s minds that they carry into adulthood and spread to their children. Maybe we will all sit outside this evening at Maghrib time just to spite all of the jinn.




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