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Half a penny for your thoughts January 26, 2017

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Her share is equal to one-half of her brother’s share. The male takes a share equal to that of two females. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):stoning

“Allaah commands you as regards your children’s (inheritance): to the male, a portion equal to that of two females”

[an-Nisaa’ 4:11]

These are the shares which have been decreed by Allah. So it is not permissible for anyone to change any part of them, or to deprive an heir, or to bring in anyone who is not an heir, or to deprive an heir of any part of his inheritance or to give him more than the share allotted to him by sharee’ah.


My children would receive gifts of cash for various reasons when they were young. It might be for a holiday or for no particular reason at all. Sometimes the gifts would come from their father, family members, and/or friends.  They don’t receive money as much as they used to but it still occurs. I have girls and boys but every single time they were given cash, their father would give my boys more money than he would my girls. Even if the money did not come from him but from someone else he would take it and give the boys more than the girls.


I questioned him about this once and he stated he did so because of the inheritance laws and similar laws of Islam that dictate that girls receive less than boys if there are male children. This was not inheritance money but gifts yet there is shariah application of the Quranic verse that this applies to all money given to children. Granted these type of views are not unique to Islam but because followers of Islam are incapable of making any changes to the religion, the practice remains steadfast today in the 21st century.


This was one of the (many) times I felt like Allah could kiss my ass. I changed that policy once I found out what he was doing. For example if someone gave him $50 to give to my children then he would give the boys $10 each and my girls $5 each. So I would make them give it to me and divide the funds equally amongst them, regardless of gender. In this example it worked out to be a little over $8 each. I have done this numerous times regardless of Islamic law and let my children know why I was doing it.


Whether it was inheritance or a gift I had no intention of anyone, including the fake god Allah,  indoctrinating into my daughter’s heads that their value was less than that of man. I saw so reason to impose such law on young girls because it had no benefit other than to create a breeding ground for low self-esteem, inferiority, and insecurity about money.


Some may say this law is needed in some situations such as if the brother(or male) is caretaker to younger women. Perhaps but it does not take into account if the sister is older than the brother and she is the caretaker. So if you have an 18 year old girl and 4  year old baby brother that she is taking care of she still receives less than him even though she is doing more. The one who controls the purse controls the house. There was no Allah sending these directives, it was Muhammad that instituted this to maintain control over women and to prevent them from having any say so over their lives from cradle to grave.


If a person wants to institute this request in their own inheritance order then that is on them. It should be done on a case-by-case basis. If families are arguing over who receives what then that can also be judged on case-by-case basis. But to codify into into one uniform religious edict that is unchangeable until the end of time is the precursor to poverty and misery which is there is plenty of in countries dominated by Islamic rule.


This is the bullshit that feminists and liberals support. This is what they stand in “solidarity” with. Feminists, liberals, and terrorists have two things in common: Islam and violence. They like to think they are progressive but they are anything but. Listen to any of these people for more than 15 minutes and all they talk about is the past. They never focus on anything good and build upon it. They only focus on the bad and the past in an effort to keep people in a perpetual state of guilt and victimhood in order to impose their regressive policies on the entire population.


This is how they operate and how Islam operates. First by deception, then by violence, and finally by assimilation and takeover. Much like the virus it is.


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