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Little pig, little pig, let me in January 28, 2017

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Not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin.


The pre-planned howling to Donald Trump’s order on immigration has begun. I checked the weather today and there was slew of shrieking headlines in the news about chaos at various airports. I found it amusing but didn’t bother towolfsheep read any of the crisis articles. As with BLM and women’s marches these are all color revolutions meant to impose regressive policies on an entire population.


There are countries that issue something called investment visas. The U.S. has regularly called for those countries to shut those programs down because terrorists might use those visas as loopholes. So why is it recommended for other countries to protect their borders from these terrorists but the U.S. is expected to have porous borders that let any and everybody in with zero checks and balances? 


Muslim countries are allowed to detain whoever they want for however long they want in their countries but the U.S. is expected to continually let Muslims run about the U.S. as they please. Even with all of the constant attacks on the U.S., France, Nigeria,  Germany, Somalia, Australia, Sweden, Egypt, Britain, and other countries everyone is expected to let these people move about as they please. It is my understanding that non-muslims are not allowed to go to certain parts of Saudia Arabia but Muslim should be allowed to go wherever they want in the U.S.? Even after 9/11, boston marathon, california attacks, France theater attacks, and on and on and on. I mean damn, when the hell will Americans get a backbone to say enough of the murders?


It won’t happen though because the guilt trips are already being implemented. Oh, remember the Holocaust, the Japanese, yada yada yada. Liberals like to keep people in a perpetual state of guilt and victimhood so they can impose their regressive policies on an entire population and this time is no exception. Despite all of its flaws, the U.S. is one of the last great civilizations that Islam aims to decimate and overtake. No doubt once that was done, then the U.S. would be used to take out the last two rivals: China and Russia. Once that’s done, Israel would be obliterated and then a dark cloud of death and despair called Islam would be spread all over the world.


Muslim rulers planned on flooding the U.S. with Muslim refugees not because they give a shit about them. The way Saudi and the U.A.E. is pounding Yemen with bombs is testament that they don’t care anything about other Muslims. No, the plan was to change the voting demographics so there would be more Muslims to vote in regressive Islamic policies little-by-little, step-by-step. Mr. Obama tried relentlessly for 8 years to get rid of America’s gun laws but couldn’t get it done. Mrs. Clinton would have done it with an executive order but….SHE LOST! #bloop. So they next logical step would be to change the voter base to one that is more favorable to takeover policies vis-a-vie flooding the U.S. with “refugees”.


Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, and several other Muslim countries have more than enough space and money to house the refugees of the countries they keep bombing and attacking. They all have Islamic laws already in place that would be more suitable for Muslims. Why would Muslims want to come to a country filled with alcohol consumption, pork, music, atheists, riba, and uncovered women when they can go to Saudi Arabia where they can worship Allah freely? Because the objective isn’t to help refugees, the objective is much worse.


This doesn’t mean all Muslims are terrible people. On the contrary, many are warm, kind-hearted people that had the misfortune of having Islam imposed on them through the centuries. No one is born Muslim. Islam works in 3 stages: first by deception, second by violence, and third by takeover, assimilation, and birthrate. If the U.S. insists on wanting to help Muslim refugees then it should be required that they denounce Islam, both verbally and in the heart. There are Islamic rules that allow for Muslims to do this when they have no choice so the next step would be to drive the hammer in. No Qurans or masjids will be allowed for refugees. Muslim women will not be allowed to cover. No Muslim prayers will be allowed. No food will be checked for pork. Women and men will not separated except for usual areas such as bathing areas. They will not be forced to convert to Christianity but will not be allowed to practice Islam. Only on those conditions will aid be given to them.


No one cry foul and say this unfair. The U.S. has squashed other ideologies that was oppressing people: Waco, Mormon farms where under-aged girls were being married off against their will, and smaller cults that have been created by false prophets and later abolished by U.S. authorities. Islam should be treated the same way.


Now if any Muslim can withstand that assault on their beliefs they are either willing to give up the deen or a true jihadi willing to endure anything to further Islam. If people ask why such a heavy-handed method is needed then the answer is: 1)Muhammad is/was not a prophet and 2)Allah is not God. Therefore there is no need for Americans or any other country to allow Muslims to continue to spread their violent ideology and ruin the lives of countless innocent people.