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Just imagine February 8, 2017

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A few days ago, a report started circulating that Yemeni rebels(or  military) launched a successful missile strike against Saudi Arabia. The story claimed that the missile landed a short distance from Riyadh which is the capital of Saudi Arabia:




For the most part, this story mainly appeared on the conspiracy sites. I found one entry on a mainstream media site but the rest have been silent. There has been speculation if the strike was true or not and at least two different stories have come from Saudi so far about it. The first cover story was that there was an earthquake and a meteor near Riyadh. I guess the light in the sky from the missile was supposed to be the meteor and the the missile striking the ground was supposed to be the earthquake. However there were no entries on earthquake tracking websites for a quake in or near Riyadh when officials claimed it was.


The second story is the one I read in the link above that states that Saudi intercepted the missile which I believe to be false. But at least that forces Saudi to admit that there was indeed a missile aimed for the vicinity of Riyadh and that it was not a “meteor”. (more…)