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Just imagine February 8, 2017

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A few days ago, a report started circulating that Yemeni rebels(or  military) launched a successful missile strike against Saudi Arabia. The story claimed that the missile landed a short distance from Riyadh which is the capital of Saudi Arabia:




For the most part, this story mainly appeared on the conspiracy sites. I found one entry on a mainstream media site but the rest have been silent. There has been speculation if the strike was true or not and at least two different stories have come from Saudi so far about it. The first cover story was that there was an earthquake and a meteor near Riyadh. I guess the light in the sky from the missile was supposed to be the meteor and the the missile striking the ground was supposed to be the earthquake. However there were no entries on earthquake tracking websites for a quake in or near Riyadh when officials claimed it was.


The second story is the one I read in the link above that states that Saudi intercepted the missile which I believe to be false. But at least that forces Saudi to admit that there was indeed a missile aimed for the vicinity of Riyadh and that it was not a “meteor”.


I was intrigued by this story for a number of reasons. I assume that Yemenis fire missiles across the border into Saudi all of the time but this time is different because of 1)the distance and 2)the length of this war. The distance from the border of Yemen is at least 800 miles so this is not like stuffing a grenade into a launcher and shooting it a few yards away like a tennis ball. The rebels are getting into heavy duty stuff to launch a missile that far and that accurately. Added to that is the fact that Saudi and UAE have been bombing Yemen for two years as well as blocking food and medical supplies to Yemen. Reports state this has created a humanitarian crisis of malnutrition, starvation, and death due to lack of medical aid and food. Despite all of this the rebels STILL managed to continue to advance their attacks. That is some serious determination for a little rag tag group of fighters who don’t have anywhere near the advantage Saudi does.


Perhaps this didn’t make the media because our government is well aware of the sensitive little bubble Americans live in and they can’t handle the truth so they carry on with the circus show. Or perhaps they don’t want anti-immigration to gain any more steam so they cover these stories up. Who knows. But it is up to the individual to take what information they can find and use it to make the best decisions for themselves and those around them.


With this breaking story I figure that an invasion into Saudi is on the horizon by both Yemen and Iran and possibly some rebels in Iraq. It’s just a matter of time and the Yemenis will continue to test their strength and ability. I think the U.S. military is quietly preparing for this and upping their presence near Saudi border. Iranian officials have already issued a threat to the U.S. that indicates they plan to invade Saudi sooner or later. They stated something along the lines that if the U.S. meddles into their military affairs then they will unleash a bomb on Israel. Former President Obama unleashed Iran off the chain for his “legacy”. #thanksObama


At the end of the day, while this is interesting, I’m not too moved by it because Muslims are always praying for jihad, always praying to be martyrs, and always praying to fight and die in the cause of Allah. They do it in dua and salat, daily and yearly. Ask and you shall receive. They desire nonstop war so they get nonstop war and an invasion into Saudi would be no different. It would be them getting what they want because of the energy they put out there. If Muslims truly wanted peace like they falsely claim then they would stop praying and wishing for so much war. But they don’t because Islam places a high value and high reward on the jihad for the sake of Allah so it won’t end until Muslims feel they conquered every corner of the world or at least die trying.


So I was thinking about this and how President Trump is trying to limit the number of rebel Yemenis sliding through the U.S. immigration system via a ban and restriction. The perplexing part is how both liberals and neoconservatives have come out in protest of this restriction and, for some oddball reason, they want to keep these people flowing through the gates. I think most Americans in their bubble feel they are still pretty safe from more major attacks despite 9/11 and the Boston Marathon. Unfortunately it would take a real blow to shock them into reality. That is something no one wants and Trump is trying to prevent while Obama, Hillary, and Bernie were willing to hand over lickety-split.


Still don’t think it’s possible for America to be invaded? Just imagine if some jihadi fighters manage to slip into Mexico and Canada via a very loose refugee settlement program. Eventually the jihadis leave their settlement camps and move to the Mexican and Canadian border of the U.S. and start to group up. The jihadis start receiving military shipments through connections they have made. One morning you wake up, turn on the news, and to your horror you learn that rebels along the U.S. borders have fired land missiles into the U.S. from Mexico and Canada. Those missiles struck Houston and Dallas along the southern border and New York and Seattle along the north border. The recent Yemen attack on Riyadh has illustrated that it is very possible.


Before you have time to gather information more news comes in that there have been multiple attacks in major U.S. cities because rebels were allowed in through U.S. immigration to appease liberals and neocons. With U.S. defenses scattered and spread out, the rebels along U.S. border start their march into the U.S.. Just imagine, what would you do?