My ex-career as a muslimah

Career March 5, 2011

Question: Why do you say your career as a Muslim?

Answer: I would routinely jest that my career was being a Muslim because I haven’t come across any other religion that is more time consuming than Islam.  As soon as one braces Islam, there is constant studying that must be done to truly understand “Deen-ul-Haqq”. Muslims study more than doctors, engineers, and scientists combined.

The most righteous of Muslims spend years studying Arabic in Egypt only to continue on to the University of Madina(or some other school) for 2-4 years. If that isn’t enough then one can always go “sit under a Shayhk” and learn from him for a few more years. For the less fortunate Muslims they can learn from Imams, daees, students of knowledge and others in various settings. These venues include online learning via webiversity/chat rooms/groups, local classes at the masjid, weekly halaqas, and on and on. Wives can always learn from the husbands as they rarely miss out on an opportunity to showcase their knowledge of the deen.

Whatever free time a Muslim has should be spent reading books by the ulema and training their children about this “easy to comprehend religion for all mankind”. This includes establishing Muslim grade schools to ensure the children receive the proper amount of Islamic instruction because Saturday and Sunday classes are not enough. Everything is an opportunity to gain new insight, from going to the bathroom to eating to staring in space, so the Muslim must be on the ready to acquire and distribute such infinite wisdom.

Thus Islam isn’t a job, it’s a career. A career that I decided the pay was not enough for all the long hours and a career I no longer want.


5 Responses to “Career”

  1. N. Says:

    It really did feel like a career doesn’t it! I’m so happy you finally got rid of the chains that bound you to Islam.
    Also, very insightful blog. Keep up the awesome work! 🙂

  2. sendthemin Says:

    “A career that I decided the pay was not enough for all the long hours and a career I no longer want.”

    How much do you value Jannah?

  3. truth Says:

    Answering to similar ideology of one (ibn warraq) of ex-Muslims, Jeremiah D. McAuliffe, Jr., Ph.D. SAYS,
    There is a saying that “no one is so convinced as a convert.” As a revert to Islam from Catholic Christianity I can attest to this. I find it mind-boggling that someone who has actually read about and understood what Islam is could reject it, much less be hostile towards it. To me Islam is entrancingly beautiful, gentle, integrated, consonant and holistic. It is beautiful like a work of art. Islam is scenic, and yet dynamic. It is both like an object that can be gazed upon, and a promise of what one can become. Islam strikes me as what people want, though they may not themselves know that………………..

    For more : http://www.islamawareness.net/FAQ/warraq1c.html

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