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The case for Yemen, Muhammad, and Islam – Proof #1 March 28, 2011

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As of late, I have begun to question whether Muhammad ever existed in the Hejaz region of Arabia. There isn’t a speck of archaelogical evidence that points to him ever being there. A tomb that no one has examined doesn’t count. Nor does the Ka’aba count. Where are the reports from archaelogists on the stones of Ka’aba that scientifically prove they are thousands of years old? The earliest photo I was able to find of the Ka’aba was possibly taken in 1850 A.D.(less than 200 years go) but the ka’aba is said to have existed since the time of Ibrahim and Ishmael. Ibrahim has been around since 2000 B.C. yet there aren’t any drawings or paintings from any civilization that points to this Ka’aba that Ibrahim supposedly help build 3,000 years ago. How is it that historians can find dinosaur bones millions of years older than the ka’aba but can find nothing on the ka’aba itself? And seeing as how Saudi would leap at the chance to feature archaelogical proof* of the Ka’aba, this is further proof no known relics exist for Muhammad’s Mecca.

The only “proof” that Muslims have is the biography of Muhammad that was written by Ibn Ishaq and even that doesn’t exist in any known, written form. It was later re-written by Ibn Hisham and he intentionally deleted portions of the original(that was written by Ibn Ishaq) because there were things in it that he said would be considered embarrasing. Even with Ibn Hisham’s version, nothing about Mecca and Medina makes sense when it is aligned with the seerah of Muhammad. Because of this a person could almost deduce that Muhammad didn’t exist at all. But before I go that route I want to examine another possibility, one that can be very plausible and makes much more sense. It is the theory that all the events that are attributed to present-day Mecca and Medina actually occurred in present day Sa’na,Yemen and vicinity. I will start to post my proofs here, one by one, as I discover them. (more…)