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Making of a Deen: Ace cards – Arabic March 10, 2011

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Card games were very popular when I was growing up. Games like Bid Whist, Spades, and Poker were the source of many late-night weekend parties for my parents. However, other than Uno and Solitaire, I don’t know how to play any card games and am unfamiliar with the rules belonging to them. Yet, even a novice knows about the Ace card and the excitement it can incite in player. In Uno, the ‘wild’ card is the equivalent of an ace and the ‘wild draw four’ card is like the ace of spades. When dealing, the smirks and giddy grins of an opponent was always a tell-tell sign that they had a wild card(or two).

Both aces and wild cards are the vanguards of card games. Players, at times, hold onto them voraciously or wield them maliciously. They can even become indignent and smug since these cards can give them a preconceived notion that they will win. But, just like all things in life, the tables can be turned using the less significant cards and the ace rendered completely useless. So the same can be said about Arabic. Shayhks and scholars hail Arabic as the best and most perfect language and that is why Allah chose to send his last Revelation using it. Therefore Arabic is the Ace of Spades for Deen-ul-Islam. (more…)


Making of a Deen: Key Characters – Iblis March 5, 2011

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Note: Refer to the Original post of the ‘Making of a Deen’ series as the starting point.

In order to create a fledgeling religious following there are characters that are always present to give it an authentic feel. If a religious entrepreneur spends alot of time alone in their room(or a cave) pouring over older religious texts, you are sure to find many staples that are key to any successful religious start-up. Icons such as Adam, Musa, Ibrahim, and Isa are standards for validity. However, there is one that is far more important than any of the seemingly must-have beings. He is even more important than Yahweh/Jehovah/Christ/Allah/Brahman/Krishna for he wields the dual power of bringing people to the faith and keeping them there:

Formal Islamic name: Iblis

Also Known As(A.K.A.): Shaytan, Satan, Devil

Residence: Before you and behind you, to your left and your right, above you and below you. He also stands in the path waiting to cause you to go astray. It is rumored that his throne rests over the waters of the Bermuda Triangle and that is why so much heat emits from that area. He takes his breaks on the horizon after Fajr as the sun rises between his two horns. Permanent home is Hell.

Sabbatical: He’s chained up in jail during Ramadhan but location is unknown.

Nemisis: Allah

Competitors: Yajuj and Majuj(Gog and Magog) and Ad-Dajjal(said to be already among us as George W. Bush)

Employees: Shayateen(disobedient jinn)

Favorite Pastimes: Torturing the shit out of souls that are unfortunate to land in his Abode for even a second.

Alter Ego: Logic, Rationale, Thinking, and Thoughts

The creation of Iblis is necessary for a successful venture into religion. Iblis has wielded the power for ages to prey on one of the most primal instincts of human: fear. Tap into the fears of the human psyche and one can tap into a gold-mine of power and control. Trying to use physical fears such as fear of heights or fear of bugs is too complicated and tedious to garner the power needed to control masses of people. But create a fear that delves into the spirit of a person and the effects can be unparalled as history has proven:

“Allah said: Get out from this(Paradise), disgraced and expelled. Whoever of them(mankind) will follow you, then surely, I will fill Hell with you all” Surah 7 verse 18

Iblis’s ability to ruin my life is made apparent right from the start. According to Islam even as a newborn, Iblis begins sinking his fear into the heart of the soul:

“a baby cries after it is born because the shaytan pinches it”

From birth to death, no soul is safe from this cunning bastard and thus, like any ghoul and goblin,  he makes the perfect character to get people to believe in any doctrine. However, Iblis has an alter-ego that is condemned to be useless and it is the logical mind. Logic is the thing that keeps us sane and having the ability to question garbage that tries to appear as Truth.

In the role of Islam, Logic is the disease. The disease name of Shaytans’s alter ego is Wis-was or whisperings. This wis-was are those inevitable questions that pop up as logic tries to intervene in the face of foolishness.



Making of a deen – Original March 4, 2011

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Acknowledging that I no longer believe in a religion that has been part of my life for a number of years came with its share of emotional blows. Depending on a person’s involvement in Islam, apostacy can either be as simple as blinking an eye or a heart-wrenching process. I am a do-or-die type person. I immerse myself completely into a cause if I believe it to be true. I’ve always thought why bother doing something if you are not going to do it well. Which is why I’ve never understood people that change religions like they change their underwear and, as a Muslim, never took them seriously.

However, my commitment to something never overrides justice. Trying to live a just life is one of the many things that caused me many a problem as a Muslim because Islam is loaded with injustices. Islam also attracts, by its nature, people who see all types of opportunities within Islam to commit injustice. Bullying, abusive husbands, fraud, lying, cheating, and a plethora of ways that make wrongdoings seem righteous exists in the deen. Ironically, this is a trait of all religions but there is something about Islam that is a little different. (more…)